Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Autumn TV Obsession


The ITV period drama “Victoria” is just fabulous and perfect for bringing in the autumn.
Filling the 9pm Downton Abbey Sunday slot, Victoria follows young Queen Victoria at 18 when she is newly crowned Queen. It shows us her struggles with stepping up to the throne, her affections towards Prime Minister Lord Melborne and her love story with Prince Albert.
This is the perfect show to watch with your mum and cup of tea on a dark Sunday night. It’s a complete delight.

The Collection

An Amazon Prime Original, set in Paris in the 1950s in the Haute Couture houses. The story follows two brothers who are designers of a couture house and the dramas in their life!

The clothes are very beautiful, inspired by Dior’s new look.
Paris is one of my favourite cities in the world, so I enjoy escaping there for an hour a week.

A new episode of the collection is added to amazon every Friday

I beg you all to watch, they are amazing

Love, Emma


Monday, 19 September 2016

August/September Book Review

I realise this is a fashion blog however I have decided upon my return to the blogging world I’d like to incorporate some new categories; lifestyle, travel and TV/film/books. I love these just as much as fashion therefore I’d like to write about them too.

Lets get straight into it!!


This is a story about a woman called Sarah she works for a production company for a pretty awful boss; she is in the same friend group as her ex (awkward) and his perfect girlfriend. Sarah begins to have frequent dreams of a guy called Brett from her past, whom soon after starts to work with her. Lines are blurred between “dream Brett” and “real Brett”

The story is charming and funny. It’s an easy read and indulgence. I began reading this on my commute to college and wouldn’t want to get off the tube, as I wanted to continue reading!

Couldn’t recommend this book any more!!


I prefer reading a book before seeing the movie adaptation. Books are more often than not better! So when the Me Before You trailers began rolling, I went straight to W H Smiths to purchase the book.

It’s a story of a young man Will who has been paralysed and has lost all motivation and joy. His desperate mother employs a young woman named Lou to be Will’s carer. She is quirky, goofy and full of life – the very opposite of Will. The story follows their relationship and how it grows.

This book made me laugh and cry and left me speechless at the end.
I loved it and can’t wait to read the sequal and see the movie!


After loving Dream A Little Dream I decided to try more of the fabulous Giovanna’s books. So I decided to buy her debut novel and I’m awfully glad I did.
Billy Buskin is a superstar actor and he is filming in a small village where Sophie May lives. Sophie leads a simple life and works in a teashop. She ends up falling in love with Billy and the story follows her struggles with being thrust in the spotlight.

This story is so believable (perhaps because Giovanna can relate to her own life – being married to McFly member Tom). Its sweet, funny, charming and a page turner!


The equally as compelling sequel to Billy and Me.

Billy and Sophie must try long – distance with Billy filming in LA and Sophie running her teashop in England. Will their love last the test of miles?


This is a different genre from books previously listed – a thriller – one of my favourite genres I might add, I just cant read too many in a row.

Anne and Marco’s babysitters cancel on them last minute so they leave baby Cora at home whilst at a party next door. Anne brings the baby monitor and believes everything will be okay – until she checks on her baby after 12. She is gone.

Shari plunges us into the story straight away, which instantly hooks us in! I couldn’t put this book down! I was gripped and my stomach was in knots reading it! A plot filled with twists and turns – perhaps my favourite book of the summer!


Theo and Violet meet on the ledge of the tower bell at school and it’s unclear who saves whom. The story follows the pair develop a friendship and help each other out of the darkness that surrounds them.

This story had me gripped and so emotionally involved with the character Theo – he is so complex and I was compelled.
Upon finishing the book I had to give myself a moment to contemplate what I had just read!

I hope I have encouraged some of you to read these great books!

Do you have any recommendations for me?